Honest Ogar

Honest Ogars are ugly,

I guess,

But inside they are really sweet.

People say they act mean and nasty,

But I think,

It’s because of the comments,

They receive.


The first human on earth,

to see an ogar must have said…

“What an ugly creature you are!

You seem like the inspector,

Who checks on the dead!”


The Ogars must have been waiting for us,

Waiting to be best friends.

But it turns out their honesty turned hideous,

because of our first look at them.


So maybe Ogars were honest before,

Let’s change our fairy tales!

And make them one of the nice people.

The one who is always honest.



Blue is the best

Blue is a color

which can be



or dark.


Blue is


and makes the



and some peoples eyes look


and calm.


Blue is

one of my favorite colors

a color

I cannot resist.


Blue is the best





and pink

because blue is better than the them!


Candle light,

Oh so bright!

Burning all day,

All night.



Fancy enough!

Lit for a while,

Until it´s found blinding.



Brings warmth inside!

Although, if you stare stare up at it,

You will find YOURSELF burning blind!


Light, Light,

Oh precious light!

So many ways to use you,

Amazing LIGHT!



I am an Octopus

Here is my poem, for the April poetry month! Just as I had completed the Slice of Life challenge, I will try my hardest to complete this one too! If you do not enjoy this poem of mine, do not worry, because trust me… I will get better!

I am an octopus,

Finding my path through out the sea,

Thinking about many responsibilities all at once,

Figuring which tentacle to use!


Whenever I choose one tentacle,

And  I am half way through,

I think about using the others,

And get them tangled up!


Life can be difficult,

I know!

But does this mean you always have to give up?

I don´t think so!


If you try your hardest,

You will achieve one day.

Maybe not as quickly as others,

But you will… trust me.



By, Me!

I hope you liked my first poem… and if you did, please comment down below!

Theory of homework according to ME

The majority of people I know, despise homework – even if they get the best grades by studying it! Well, here’s a fact about me… no matter how difficult my homework is, I really enjoy it!

I guess this is because I was so used to studying with a tutor(2 years straight) when I lived in Britain… and yes, I didn’t exactly LIKE homework AT ALL!!!

However,now that I have really understood how all that hard word payed off on me, I have realized the importance of not just homework, but also ANY work!

Now, which one do you think suits you best?

I think YOU know which one suits me! Continue reading Theory of homework according to ME

Why not have your birthday everyday?

Why not have a birthday party everyday? I think to myself some days.

After that thought, this is what follows it…

No! Why? Let me think…

These are some of the ideas I come up with:

I will become too spoiled having  presents to open everyday

I will feel so lonely when everyday all people would say to me is” HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WHAT DID YOU GET AS A GIFT?

Having a birthday party everyday would become too tiring!

What philosophies do you think will suit you? Please comment down below!




This is my poem about socks, which I made up!

Socks can be smelly,

They can smell nice too!

Especially when they are brand new!

Socks can be smelly,

But they really help!

At least wearing them, is better than eating kelp!


They can be any kind!

What type of socks would you choose?

By, Me!

I hope you enjoyed my poem- what type of socks would you choose? Comment down below if you can!

blink you die, wink you survive

The title of this blog you are reading is something I want to discover more on. What do you think it might mean? I mean, it was the first thing to come into my head!

It could mean that laziness kills.

It could also mean that taking twice as long for something simple, deliberately , keeps you behind, as taking the right amount of time, keeps you ahead.

What do you think it could mean? Something dramatic? Something simple? You choose, and comment it down below for me if you can, so I can read it! Thanks!

MY Favorite brand

What’s your favorite brand? I think that mine is paper mate! Why? I will show you and tell you…
Image result for papermate pensThese pens do not run out easily, and come the most terrific quality and colors!
Image result for papermate mechanical pencilsThese mechanical pencils have super thick lead, and last for a very long time!
Image result for papermate inkjoy pensThese inkjoy pens work really smoothly, and have ink which is so bright and colorful!

What is your favorite brand and why? Comment down below!

A- ant…

I love this letter game… I made it up!

Here’s how we play…

Choose a letter from the alphabet, and name as many words starting with it, within a minute! I’m putting the timer on… READY…SET…GO!




























oops… I think I forgot to time it! Oh well… How about you try this challenge and comment down below about how well you did!

Thanks for reading my post!